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us, but greater efforts have been made to preserve the buildings
themselves, with all their fittings and furniture. As wood is the
usual building material, it has been possible to transport the
buildings to open-air museums, of which the most important are
at Skansen, near Stockholm, in Sweden, and Lyngby, near Copen-
hagen, in Denmark. The former was founded by Dr Hazelius and
the latter has been the life-work of Mr Bernhard Olsen. The old
cottages and farmhouses there, as Mr Arthur Hayden has said,
‘have their obsolete agricultural implements, their old methods
of fencing, and quaint styles of storage. The furniture stands in
these specimen homes exactly as if they were occupied. It is a
remarkable open-air museum, and the idea is worthy of serious
consideration in this country. Old cottages and farmhouses are
fast disappearing and the preservation of these beauties of village
and country life should appeal to all lovers of national monuments 1.’

1 C/zat: on Cottage and Farm/louse Furniture, p. I I.

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