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The Thunderweapon in Religion and Folklore. -A study in
comparative archaeology. By CHR. BLINKENBERG, Ph.D. With 36 illustrations
and a map. Demy 8vo. 55 net.

The Heroic Age. By H. MUNRO CHADWICK, Professor of Anglo-
Saxon in the University of Cambridge. With 3 maps. Demy 8vo. Izs net.
The Origin of the English Nation. By H. MUNRO CHADWICK,

M.A. With 4 maps. Demy 8vo. 7s 6d net.

Archaeological Excavation. By J. P. DROOP, M.A. With 8 illus-
trations. Demy 8vo. 45 net.

Place-Names of South-West Yorkshire. That is, of so much
of the West Riding as lies south of the Aire from Keigliley onwards. By
ARMITAGE GOODALL, M.A., late Scholar of Queens’ College, Cambridge. Revised
edition. Demy 8vo. 7s 6d net.

Cyzicus. Being some account of the history and antiquities of that city,
and of the district adjacent to it, with the towns of Apollom'a ad Rlzyndacum,
Miletupolz}, Hadrianutlzerae, Pn'apus, Zelez'a, etc. By F. W. HASLUCK, Fellow
of King’s College, Cambridge. With 26 illustrations and 3 maps. Demy 8vo.
IOS net.‘

Ethnology of A-Kamba and other East African Tribes. By
C. W. HOBLEY, C.M.G., A.M.Inst.C.E. With 54 illustrations and a map.
Demy 8vo. 7s 6d net.

The Tribes of Northern and Central Kordofan. By H. A.
MACMICHAEL, Sudan Civil Service, late Scholar of Magdalene College, Cambridge.
With 19 plates. Demy 8vo. 105 6d net.

Brands used by the Chief Camel-owning Tribes of Kordofan.
A supplement tothe above. ByH.A.MACMICHAEL. With 17 plates. Demy 8vo.
65 net.

The Place-Names of Nottinghamshire. Their Origin and

Development. By HEINRICH MUTSCHMANN, M.A., Ph.D., Lecturer in German and
in Phonetics at the University College, Nottingham. Demy 8vo. 7s 6d net.

Kindred and Clan in the Middle Ages and After. A Study in the
Sociology of the Teutonic Races. By BERTHA S. PHILLPOTTS, late Pfeiffer
Student of Girton College, Cambridge. Demy 8vo. 105 6d net.

The Place-Names of Sussex. By R. G. ROBERTS, M.A., formerly
Research Scholar in the University of Liverpool. Demy 8vo. IOS net.

.The Northern Bantu. An account of some Central African Tribes
of the Uganda Protectorate. By JOHN ROSCOE, M.A., Rector of Ovington,
Norfolk, formerly of the C.M.S. With 42 illustrations and a map. Demy 8vo.
125 6d net.

With a chapter by C. S. MYERS, M.D., D.Sc., and an appendix by A. MENDIS
GUNASEKARA, Mudaliar. With 72 plates, 15 text-figures, and a map. Demy 8vo.
I55 net.

Kinship Organisations and Group Marriage in Australia. By
NORTHCOTE W. THOMAS, M.A. With 3 maps. Demy 8vo. 65 net.

Prehistoric Thessaly. Being some account of recent excavations and
explorations in North-Eastern Greece from Lake Kopais to the Borders of
Macedonia. By A. J. B. WACE, M.A., and M. S. THOMPSON, B.A. With a map,
6 coloured plates and I 51 figures. Demy 4to. [85 net.

Cambridge University Press
Fetter Lane, London: C. F. Clay, Manager


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