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In what was this confusion to end? Was the strife to
continue during centuries ? Was it to terminate in the rise of
another great monarchy? W'as the Mussulman or the Mah-
ratta to be the Lord of India ? Was another Baber to descend
from the mountains, and to lead the hardy tribes of Cabul and
Chorasan against a wealthier and less warlike race ? None of
these events seemed improbable. But scarcely any man, how-
ever sagacious, would have thought it possible that a trading
company, separated from India by fifteen thousand miles of
sea, and possessing in India only a few acres for purposes of
commerce, would, in less than a hundred years, spread its
empire from Cape Comorin to the eternal snow of the Hima-
layas; would compel Mahratta and Mahommedan to forget
their mutual feuds in common subjection; would tame down
even those wild races which had resisted the most powerful of
the Moguls; and, having united under its laws a hundred
millions of subjects, would carry its victorious arms far to the
east of the Burrampooter, and far to the west of the Hydaspes,
dictate terms of peace at the gates of Ava, and seat its vassal
on the throne of Candahar.

The man who first saw that it was possible to found an
European empire on the ruins of the Mogul monarchy was
Dupleix. His restless, capacious, and inventive mind had
formed this scheme, at a time when the ablest servants of the
English Company were busied only about invoices and bills of
lading. Nor had he only proposed to himself the end. He
had also a just and distinct view of the means by which it was
to be attained. He clearly saw that the greatest force which
the princes of India could bring into the field would be no
match for a small body of men trained in the discipline, and
guided by the tactics, of the West. He saw also that the
natives of India might, under European commanders, be formed
into armies, such as Saxe or Frederic would be proud to
command. He was perfectly aware that the most easy and

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