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its inmates a security like that enjoyed by the chief who, pass-
ing through the territories of powerful and deadly enemies, is
armed with the British guarantee. The mightiest princes of
the East can scarcely, by the offer of enormous usury, draw
forth any portion of the wealth which is concealed under the
hearths of their subjects. The British Government ofifers little
more than four per cent.; and avarice hastens to bring forth
tens of millions of rupees from its most secret repositories. A
hostile monarch may promise mountains of gold to our sepoys,
on condition that they will desert the standard of the Company.
The Company promises only a moderate pension after a long
service. But every sepoy knows that the promise of the Com-
pany will be kept: he knows that if he lives a hundred years
his rice and salt are as secure as the salary of the Governor-
General: and he knows that there is not another state in India
which would not, in spite of the most solemn vows, leave him
to die of hunger in a ditch as soon as he had ceased to be use-
ful. The greatest advantage which a government can possess
is to be the one trustworthy government in the midst of
governments which nobody can trust. This advantage we
enjoy in Asia. Had we acted during the last two generations
on the principles which Sir John Malcolm appears to have
considered as sound, had we. as often as we had to deal with
people like Omichund, retaliated by lying and forging, and
breaking faith, after their fashion, it is our firm belief that no
courage or capacity could have upheld our empire.

Sir John Malcolm admits that Clive’s breach of faith could
be justitied only by the strongest necessity. As we think that
breach of faith not only unnecessary, but most inexpedient, we
need hardly say that we altogether condemn it.

Oll1lL'l1llll(l was not the only victim of the revolution. Su-
raj-ah Dowlah was taken a few days after his flight, and was
brought before Mecr Jatfier. There he flung himself on the
ground in convulsions of fear and with tear: and loud m-Seq

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