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Artificial Magnets are those made from steel by the ap-
plication of .a lodestone or some other magnetizing force.
I m “n The principal forms are the
lllmlll\llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllmlllllHHIIIIIII'llllllllllllflllimllll Bar and Horseshoe, so called
from their shape. The proc-‘
ess of making such a mag-

FIG. 2. —A Bar Magnet.

net is called Magnetization.

Small horseshoe and bar magnets can be purchased at
toy-stores. They can be used to perform a number of
very interesting and instructive experi-

Stroke a large daming-needle from end to
end, always in the same direction, with one
end of a bar magnet. Then dip the needle
in some iron filings and it will be found that
the filings will cling to the needle. The
needle has become a magnet.

Dip the bar magnet in some iron filings
and it will be noticed that the filings cling
to the magnet in irregular tufts near the ends, F1;
with few if any near the middle.

This experiment shows that the attractive power of a


:lfglfii 1h?!







FIG. 4. —A Magnetized Needle and a Bar Magnet which
have been dipped in Iron Filings.

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