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static electricity away from your apparatus almost as fast
as it can be produced in the summer time.

Some day during the winter time, when it is cool and clear,
and the cat is near a fire or a stove, stroke the cat rapidly
with the hand. The fur will stand up towards the hand
and a faint crackling noise will be heard. The crackling
is caused by small sparks passing between the cat and the

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FIG. 20. — A Surprise for the Cat.

hand. If the experiment is performed in a dark room, the
sparks may be plainly seen. If you present your knuckle
to the cat’s nose a spark will jump to your knuckle and
somewhat surprise the cat.

If the day is brisk and cool, so that everything outside is
frozen and dry, try combing the hair with a rubber comb.
Your hair will stand up all over your head instead of lying

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