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experimenting with an electrified rod ahd the small bits of
paper, that some of the little papers were first attracted and

flew upwards to the
rod, but having once
touched it, were
quickly repelled.
The repulsion be-
tween two similarly
electrified bodies
may be shown by a
double electroscope.
A double electro-
scope is made by
hanging two pith



necrmnco new



FIG. 23. -—A Double Pith-Ball Electrosc0pe.

balls on two silk threads from the same support.
Electrin a glass rod and touch it to the pith balls. They

OLA“ Tuae— an m“_





FIG. 24. — A Gold-Leaf Electroscope.

will immediately fly apart
because they are electri-
fied with the same kind
of electricity.

The Gold-leaf Electro-
scope is one of the most
sensitive means which
can be employed to de-
tect small amounts of
static electricity.

It is a very simple in-

strument and is easily made in a short time. A couple of

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