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woolen cloth or flannel. Then place the disk on the cake
holding the insulating handle with the right hand. Touch
the cover or the disk momentarily with the forefinger of
the left hand. After the finger is removed, raise the disk
from the cake by picking it up with the glass insulating
handle. The disk will now be found heavily charged with
positive electricity, and if the knuckles are presented to
the edge, a spark will jump out to meet them.

The cover may then be replaced, touched, and once more
removed. It will yield any number of sparks, the resinous

Tess u:
no. , ’

FIG. 28. —An Electric Frog-Pond.



cake only needing to be recharged by rubbing once in a long

An Electric Frog-Pond may be experimented with by
cutting out some small tissue-paper frogs. Moisten them
, a. little and lay them on the cover of the electrophorus.
Touch the electrophorus with the finger and then raise it
with the insulating handle. If the “frogs” are not too wet
they will jump from the cover upon the table as soon as the
cover is raised.

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