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a mixture of gum camphor and turpentine. The drilling,
which will require almost an hour before the glass is pierced,
if the bottle is a thick one, should be performed slowly and
carefully, so as to avoid all danger of cracking the glass.
The hole, when finished, should be from one-quarter to
three-eighths of an inch in diameter.

After the hole has been bored, fit a wooden plug into the
neck of the bottle and cement it there with a mixture com-
posed of one-half a pound of resin, five ounces of beeswax,
one-quarter of an ounce of plaster of Paris, and three-
quarters of an ounce of red ocher, melted together over a
moderately warm stove. Dip the plug in the molten cement
and force it into the neck of the bottle. When the cement
dries it will be impossible to remove it.

The sizes of bottles vary, so that it is quite impossible to
give dimensions which must be closely followed in construct-
ing the machine. Those in the text are approximate. The
drawings have been made to scale so as to show the propor-
tions the parts bear to each other.

A heavy wooden base will. be required to mount the
machine on. Two uprights are mounted on the base to
support the axis of the bottle. Through one of these bore
a hole of the same diameter as the wooden plug fitted in’
the neck of the bottle. The end of the wooden plug pro-
jecting through the upright is notched and fitted with a
crank so that the bottle may be revolved. The handle of
the crank is an ordinary spool having one flange cut OE and
mounted with a screw and a washer.

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