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°twehty3fivé-ii1&he9'long, three inches wide, and an inch and









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FIG. 37. — The Frame.

one-half in thickness, and two cross-pieces of the same
thickness and Width fifteen inches long.

N otches are cut at both sides of the base to admit the
feet of the uprights.

The Uprights are seventeen inches long, three inches wide,
and one and one-half inches thick.

The notch at the foot is cut the same width as the thick-
ness of the long members of the frame and is arranged so

that when fitted in

- \ place, the foot of the

. . . upright will rest on

“' the table in line with

A; the bottom of the

The Driving-Wheels are turned out of wood on a lathe.
They are seven inches in diameter and seven-eighths of an
inch thick. A groove should be turned in the edge to carry
a small round leather belt. The wheels are mounted on a





FIG. 38. —The Upright.



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