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The jar must be thoroughly cleaned and dried before coat-
ing. The inside is then given a thorough brushing over with
shellac or varnish. Before it is dry, carefully insert the tin-
foil and press it smoothly against the glass. The outside
of the jar is treated and coated in the same manner. The


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FIG. 45. ——The Leyden Jar.

inside and outside of the bottom are also coated by cutting
the tinfoil in circular pieces and shellacking them on.

In order to charge the Leyden jar, grasp it in the hand
near the bottom and hold the knob against the prime con-
ductor while turning the handle of the machine.

Igniting gunpowder. .Bore a hole one-half inch in diam-
eter and one inch deep in a block of hardwood. Pass two
small brass wires through holesin the sides, letting the ends

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