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ing four ounces of bichromate of potash to a solution com-
posed of four ounces of sulphuric acid mixed with sixteen
ounces of water. The battery will give a more powerful
current for a longer time when this solution is used in-
stead of the plain sulphuric acid and water or sal ammo-

It might be well at this time to caution the experimenter
against the careless handling of sulphuric acid. It is not



FIG. 63. — A Battery Element arranged for three Cells.

dangerous if handled properly, but if spilled or spattered
around carelessly it is capable of doing considerable damage
to most things with which it comes in contact. Do not at-
tempt to use it in any place but a shop or cellar. The small-
est drop coming in contact with any organic matter such as
woodwork, clothing, carpets, etc., will not only discolor
any of the latter, but eat a hole in it. The best thing to use

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