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current is a field of force through which lines of magnetism
are flowing in exactly the same way that they do in the
neighborhood of a‘ bar or
horseshoe magnet.

This is. readily shown by
punching a small hole in a
piece of cardboard, and pass-
ing a wire carrying a strong
current of electricity through -- _ 1 ,, ,
the hole. l

If a few iron filings are sifted w R

on the cardboard and the lat- “Mn”
ter jarred slightly with a pen-

Cil as they fall, they Will ar- FIG. 79.—Magnetic Phantom formed
range themselves in circles carrying a current of
with the wire at the center,

forming a magnetic phantom and showing the paths of the
lines of magnetic.force.

By forming the wire into a coil as in Figure 80 the magnetic
field generated is
much stronger and
more plainly seen,
for then the com-
bined efiect of the
wires is secured.

Roll up a small
paper tube about





FIG. 80. — Magnetic Phantom formed about several . o .
Turns of Wire. % mch 111 diameter

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