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Rubber-covered and weather-proof Wires are made in a
variety of insulations. Some may have only one insulating
layer, while others have a great many. Difierent sub-
stances are used as insulators to adapt the wire to' some
special purpose. Copper is usually the only metal used
to form the wire' or conductor itself. The reason for this
is that copper is a better conductor than any other metal
except those known as precious metals, such as gold and
silver, the cost of which prohibits their use for such pur-
poses. The wire may be solid, or made up of a number of
small conductors so that it is flexible.

The various combinations of insulating layers, together
with either a solid or a stranded conductor, have made
possible a variety of current-carriers, known as:

Theater or Stage Cable
Elevator Cable
Fixture Wire
Telephone Wire
Mining Cable

Feeder Cable

Brewery Cord

Heater Cord, etc.

depending upon the special use for which they were de-

The wires which the young experimenter is likely to use
in his work the most are known as magnet wires, and are
used for making electro-magnets, coils, and various wind-

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