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ings. Magnet wires may be insulated with either silk,
cotton, or enamel.

Silk-covered and cotton-covered wires may be obtained
with either a single or double covering.

Wires with a single covering of silk or enamel are used
when it is desirable to save space, for the covering of these
two classes of magnet wires is thinner than either the
cotton or double-silk-covered wire, and consequently they
require less room for winding.

The size of the wire is indicated by its diameter, and in
the United States is measured by the Brown and Sharpe
gauge, often indicated by the term, “ B. & S.”

The preceding table shows the various sizes of wire of the
Brown and Sharpe gauge, and also several of their charac-
teristics, such as weight, resistance, etc.


The covering placed over wires is not the only precau-
tion taken to insulate them, but in the case of permanent

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FIG. 89. -- Staples and Wooden Cleat used for running Low Voltage



wiring they are usually mounted on glass or porcelain

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