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will pull the armature and cause the hammer to strike the
gong. As soon as the armature has moved a short distance,
the spring will move away from the contact and break the
circuit. The magnets cease pulling as soon as the current is
cut off and the armature spring then causes the armature
to move back and touch the contact. As soon as the con-


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FIG. 122. — Diagram showing how to connect a Bell, Battery,
and Push-B utton.
tact is made, the armature is drawn in again and the
process is repeated.

A little experimenting with the bell will soon enable one
to find its best adjustment. Figure 122 shows how to con-
nect a bell to a battery and a push-button. A push-button
is simply a small switch which closes the circuit when
pressed. Do not make the armature spring too weak, or
the hammer will move very slowly and with very little
life. Each time that the armature moves toward the mag-
nets, it should barely touch the iron cores before the ball
strikes the bell.

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