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A Medical Coil or shocking coil, as it is properly termed,
is nothing more or less than a small induction coil, and
consists of a core, a primary winding, a secondary wind-
ing, and an interrupter. The principle of an induction coil
and that of magnetic induction have already been explained
in Chapter V. It might be well for the readers to turn back-
to pages 89—91 and reread them. '

The human body possesses considerable resistance,
the voltage of one or two ordinary cells of battery is not
sufficient to overcome that resistance and pass W,
current through the body to be felt, unless under

. /.

tional conditions.
The simplest means employable for raising the Vlfltage


of a battery high enough to produce a shock is
. fl,



The first step in making such a coil i513! .
tube, five—sixteenths of an inch in; diame‘ ‘_ de and


two and one—half inches long. it) outer end of the paper

is carefully glued. so that Kl" not unroll. The tube is
filled with pieces of iro“ wo and one-half inches long
which have been ~..':.J"Q3a.:,.ied by rolling between two


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