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is covered with two or three layers of paper, and then
enough secondary wound on to bring the total diameter of
the coil to about eleven-sixteenths of an inch. The second-
ary,wire must be much finer than the primary. It is pos-
sible to use any size from No. 32 to No. 36 B. & S. gauge
and obtain good results. The insulation may be either
single silk or single cotton.

The secondary terminals are led out through the holes 6
and d. It is perhaps a wise plan to re-enforce these leads

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SPRING P037 cdwmcr .0057

FIG. 155. —Deta.ils of Interrupter for Medical Coil.

with a heavier piece of wire, because otherwise they are
, easily broken.

The interrupter is a simple arrangement capable of being
made in several diflerent ways. The drawing shows an
arrangement which can be improved upon by any experi-
menters who are familiar with a medical coil. I have shown
the simplest arrangement, so that all my readers will be
able to build it, and those who want to improve it can do so.

If a small piece of silver is soldered to the spring and to
the contact-point it will give better results. The silver

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