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with a piece of dry linen paper intervening betwee
hands and the head. If a fourth person, in the room '
the induction coil is located, then closes the small 5
and speaks into the telephone transmitter, the p
against Whose ears the hands are being h'eld will hea
speech very distinctly. The ticking of a watch held ag
the mouthpiece of the transmitter will be heard With s
ling cleamess.

The principle governing the operation of the appai



NI!!! LIPID/M 70


an rrznr
FIG. 167. — Diagram showing how to connect the Apparatus for the “ Elect
Hands " Experiment.

is very simple. Almost every experimenter is familiar W
the ordinary electrical condenser, which consists of altem:
sheets of paraflined paper and tinfoil. When this is cc
nected to a source of electricity of high potential, but 11

enough so as to puncture the .paper dielectric, the altema
sheets of tinfoil will become oppositely charged and attra
each other. If the circuit is then broken the sheets w
lose their charge and also their attraction for one anothe
If the tinfoil sheets and paper are not pressed tightly t<

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