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exactly in line, so that the arm will make good contact with
each point. There are five points to each switch, as shown
in Figure 190. i

The switch, D, is arranged so that each step cuts in or
out twenty turns of the secondary, the first point being
connected with the end
of the winding. The A m a '
second point. connects i
with the first tap, the
third contact with the
second tap, the fourth
contact with the third
tap, and the fifth con-
tact with the fourth tap.

The switch, E, is arranged so that each step cuts in or
out five turns. The contacts on this switch are numbered
in the reverse direction. The















FIG. 187. —Wooden Strips for mounting the
Transformer on the Base.

fifth contact of switch D, and
the fifth contact of switch E,

,. are connected together. The
fourth contact is connected to

l the fifth tap, the third contact
"M m MRJ to the sixth tap, the second con-
CONTACT LEVER tact to the seventh, and the first
Fm 188' ’13:: °f the SWitCh contact to the end of the wind-


This: arrangement makes it possible to secure any volt-
age from one-half to ten in one-half-volt steps from the






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