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Detectors are very simple devices and consist merely of
an arrangement for holding a small piece of certain min-
erals and making a contact against the surface.

The crystal detector shown in Figure 210 is a very em-
cient form that may be easily and quickly made. When
finished, it will make a valuable addition to almost any
amateur experimenter’s
wireless equipment. 44/“;13

The bracket is bent
out of a piece of strip '
brass about one-eighth mama,- Bronjo

. ' . Wu-e J‘pm‘rga
of an 1nch th1ck and Mm“, ‘
five-eighths ,of an inch
wide, according to the ‘
shape shown in the illus-
tration. The bracket is
mdunted on a circular Fro. 210. —.- A Crystal Detector.
wooden base about three inches in diameter. The circular
wooden blocks used by electricians in putting up chande-
' liers, called “ fixture blocks,” will make a satisfactory
base. ~
An electrose knob of the typewriter type may be pur-
chased from any good dealer in wireless supplies. It should
be fitted with a threaded shank which will screw into a
hole in the upper part of the bracket.

The mineral is contained in a small brass cup mounted
on the base below the end of the knob.


.5 u .-



Wooden Base

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