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After the instruments are connected, place a piece of
galena or silicon. in the cup of the detector and bring the
wire down on it. -Then move the sliders on the tuning coil
or loose coupler and adjust the detector until you can







GROUND pugp conclflctk

FIG. 219. — Circuit showing how to connect a Loose Coupler.


[nub mourn.


ROUN 5 oooooo .a- u”;
a . 1:01”...qu «nun 0004.100

0‘ 7‘ C 70‘

FIG. 220. — A Diagram showing how to connect some of the Instruments described
in this Chapter.

hear a message buzzing in the telephones. It may require
a little patience and practice, but if you persist you will
soon learn how to adjust the apparatus so as to receive the
signals loudly and clearlv with very little trouble.

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