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contact and place the telephone receiver in the circuit for
receiving, so that your chum at the other station can
answer your message by pressing his key and talking into
his transmitter.

The best plan is to mount each of the coils upon a tripod
and experiment by placing them close together at first



rflA/VJMI Trlfl






‘3 u.
FIG. 24o. — The Circuit of the Wireless Telephone.
When the Key is up, the Receiver is ready for Action. When the Key is pressed. the Transmitter

aflattery are thrown into the Circuit.
and gradually moving them apart until the maxilnum dis-
tance that the apparatus will work is discovered.

Be very careful to keep the two coils exactly parallel.

Much depends upon the battery. Be certain that it is
capable of delivering a good strong current. Do not hold
the key down any longer than is absolutely necessary, or
the telephone transmitter will become hot.

By making the coils six feet in diameter and placing from
200 to 40° turns of wire in each coil you can make a set
which is capable of transmitting speech 300 feet or more.


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