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The brushes are fastened under a small clamp formed
by a strip of tin held down at each end with a wood screw.
They can be adjusted to the best advantage only under
actual working conditions when the current is passing
through the motor. One or two dry cells should be suflicient’
to operate the motor. - ’

One end of the field winding is connected to one of the

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FIG. 249. — Details of the Motor.

brushes. The other brush and the other end of the field
form the terminals to which the battery is connected.

The motor, being of the two-pole armature type, must
be started when the current is turned on by giving it a
twist with the fingers.

A Larger Motor may be built in somewhat the same
manner as the one just described by cutting armature and
field out of sheet tin. It will be more substantial if it is
built up out of laminations and not bent into shape, as in
the case of the other.

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