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THERE is perhaps no other electrical device entering into
the young experimenter’s domain requiring the careful
workmanship and tool facilities that the dynamo does.
In order to construct a practical working dynamo it would
be necessary to have at hand a lathe for turning the cast-

Rather than describe a machine which comparatively
few of my readers would be able to build, I have explained
below how it is possible to so alter an old telephone mag-
neto that it may be made to serve as a small dynamo.
Telephone magnetos, also sometimes called hand genera-
tors, are used in many telephone systems to supply the
current which rings the telephone bell at the other end.
The magneto is placed in a small box on the telephone,
only the handle being exposed. In order to make a call
the handle is given several brisk turns before raising the
receiver. When the handle is turned the. moving parts
of the generator revolve and produce a current of electric-
ity which goes forth over the line and rings the bell at the
other end.

Telephone magnetos are gradually being discarded in all


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