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on a small wooden block. They must be adjusted to bear
against the commutator so that when the dividing line
between the two sections is horizontal, the upper brush
bears against the upper section and the lower brush against
the lower section. The two brushes form the terminals of
the machine. They should be connected to binding-posts.
. In order to operate the dynamo properly and obtain



Ic-fbre DILS‘A
Wooden Support



FIG. 254. -—The Complete Generator.

suflicient current from it to operate a couple of small in-
candescent lamps, it will have to be provided with a pulley
mounted on the end of the shaft after the gear wheel has
been removed. The dynamo may then be driven at high
speed by connecting it to a sewing-machine with a belt,
or the back wheel of a bicycle from which the tire has been

The completed dynamo is shown in Figure 254. The


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