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N0 toys loom up before the mind of the average boy with
more appeal to his love of adventure than do railway cars
and trains. In England, the construction and operation
of miniature railways is the hobby not only of boys but
of grown men, and on a scale that is hardly appreciated
in this country.

The height of ambition of many boys is not only to own
a miniature railway system but to build one. For some
unknown reason, none of the boys’ papers or books have
heretofore given any information on this interesting sub-
ject. The car shown in_.Figure 263 is such that it can be
easily built by any boy willing to exercise the necessary
care and patience in its construction.

The first operation is to cut out the floor of the car. This
is a rectangular piece of hard wood, eight inches long, three
and one-quarter inches wide and one-half of an inch thick.
Its exact shape and dimensions are shown in Figure 264.

The rectangular hole cut in the floor permits the belt
which drives the wheels to pass down from the counter-
shaft to the axle.

The two pieces forming the wheel-bearings are cut out

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