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is mounted in such a position that a belt may be run from
the small pulley, B, to the pulley mounted on the axle of
one pair of wheels. A belt is also run from the small pulley
on the motor to the large pulley, A, on the countershaft.
The pulleys must all be carefully lined up so that the belts
will run in their grooves without danger of slipping out.
The shield on the platform at each end of the car is made
of sheet-iron or tin. Two small projections on the bottom
are bent over at right angles and used to secure the shields






in position by driving a small tack through them into the
floor of the car.

The steps on either side of each platform are also made
by bending strips of sheet-iron or tin and fastening them to
the car with small nails or tack-s.

The coupler consists of a strip of tin having a small hook
soldered to the end so that a trail car may be attached if

The car is now ready for testing, and when held in the
hand so that [the wheels are free to run, two cells of dry

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