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angles and the roof is fastened to them. The dotted lines
indicate-the places for bending these projections and also
the sides and ends 'of the car.

The roof» is made in two pieces. It also is sheet-iron or


FIG. 27o.—The Roof of the Car.

tin. The roof proper is eight inches long and four inches
wide. ._ It has a hole five and one-half inches long and one
and three-quarters inches wide cut in the center. A num-
ber of small projections are left and bent upward to sup-













FIG. 271. — The Completed Car.


port the deck and to form imitation ventilators. The deck
is six inches long and two and one-quarter inches in width.
It is placed in position on the r00f and fastened by solder-
ing. The r00f is fastened to the sides and ends of the

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