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a light in a hallway. If one switch is placed at the top of a
stairway and the other switch at the bottom, a person can
pass upstairs or downstairs, light the lamp ahead, and turn
it out as he passes the last switch, no matter in which di-
rection the previous user of the light may have gone.

The switches are two-point switches, and the circuit
should be arranged as in Figure 289.

The switch-levers should always rest on one of the con-
tacts and never be left between, as shown in the drawing.




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r smrcn swutcnlo

FIG. 289. — Three-way Wiring Diagram.
The Light may be turned 03 or on from either Switch.



They are represented that way in the illustration in order
not to conceal the contacts.

Small brackets made of brass and similar .to that shown
in Figure 290 are for sale at many electrical supply houses,
and will add a very realistic appearance to a miniature
lighting plant.

Brackets may be constructed after the plan shown in
Figure 291. A wooden socket or a pin-socket is mounted
on the end of a small piece of brass tubing which has been
bent into the shape shown in the illustration. The other

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