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wire firmly together with one of copper so as to form a
zig-zag arrangement as in Figure 303.

Next make two wooden

rings about four inches in

diameter by cutting them

out of a pine board. Place
\ / the wires on one of the,
rings in the manner shown
FIG' 3°4'_W°°den Ring' in Figure 305. Place the
second ring on top and clamp it down by means of two or

three screws.



'l ' I I . ' . ‘ ,
- "VYOODEN.R|NG. . ‘

' .141“-





FIG. 305. — Complete Thermopile.

An Alcohol Lamp should be lighted and placed so that the Flame heats the Inside Ends of the Wire:
in the Center of the Wooden Ring.

The inner junctures of the wires must not touch each
other. The outer ends should be bent out straight and

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