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of wire that is heavy and rather springy, so that they will
tend to open against the sides of the tube. It is a good plan
to solder one of them in position, so that it cannot move,
and then put in the lens. After the lens is in position, the
second ring should be put in and pushed down against the
lens.‘ Do not attempt to put the lens in, however, until


FIG. 308. — A View of the Reflectoscope from the Rear, showing the Door, etc.

you are sure that the metal has cooled again after soldering,
or it will be liable to crack.

The back of the box contains a small hinged door about
four inches high and five and one-half inches long. The
pictures that it is desired to project on the screen are held
against this door by two small brass clips, as shown in
Figure 308. .

The light for the reflec'toscope is most conveniently made

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