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diameter. Place the small ring inside the large one and
connect them to the secondary terminals. The two circles
should be arranged so as to be concentric, that is, so that
they have a common center.

The space between the two coils will be filled with a
pretty brush discharge when the coil is in operation.

There are so many other experiments which may be
performed with a Tesla coil that it is impossible even to










“14:: Jan rem Coll



: ,u


FIG. 324. — A Diagram showing the Proper Method of Connecting a
' Tesla Coil.

think of describing them here, and the young experimenter
wishing to continue the work further is advised to go to
some library and consult the works of Nikola Tesla, wherein
such experiments are fully explained.


Unless the average boy has materially changed his
habits, in recent years, it matters not what the preface of
a book may contain, for it will be unceremoniously skipped

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