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A Modern Handy Book of Practical and Profitable Pastimes

Author of "The Boy Craftsman " and
H Handicraft for Handy Boys”

With nearly 600 illustrations and working drawings by
the Author and Norman P. Hall 8vo Cloth
Price, Net, $1.60 Postpaid, $1.82

A HANDY boy becomes a handy man—a

skilled mechanic, a practical business
man, a thorough, accurate worker. That is
why it is so important to encourage the boy to
become handy. “ The Handy Boy ’ ’ has been
written with a View to instructing the boy in
the ways of doing things handily, by applying
handy methods to the making and doing of
hundreds of worth-while things in which he is
intensely interested. Such instruction as it
contains can be put to immediate use; and
this naturally appeals to the boy’s sense of the
practical and is of infinitely more value to him
than instruction which cannot possibly be of
any use for years to come, because knowledge
once applied is not easily forgotten.

Besides developing handiness, “The Handy Boy” will encourage the
boy to think for himself and to use his ingenuity; and it will instill in him
an ambition to make the best possible use of his time so that he may grow
up prepared to do something and be something.





“ Mr. Hall’s book is just the thin to put into the growing boy’s hand to keep
him successfully and happily employe .”— Des Moises. Capital.

“ The best book of its kind that has yet been published.”—Bostou Transcript.

“There is scarcely any boy from twelve to sixteen or seventeen that will not be
delighted with such a book, and no one would fail to receive much valuable infor-
mation from it."—Presbyterian.

“Here is a book that should be in the library of every healthy, ambitious
American boy.”— Bufalo Commercial.

“ No other volume contains such a variety of wholesome, instructive, and enter
taining material, nor presents so many ways of making use of the things at hand.”
— Chicago Advance. '


For sale by all booksellers or sent postpald on melpt a!
price by the publishers


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