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20 Lesson 2.

abrz‘i,‘ ‘eyebrow’, gig/db, ‘grass’, a’khtar ‘a constellation’,
-may also take -c‘m, — probably because regarded as
animate, -— but with these words the -dn is really
[obsolete at the present time in speech.

§ 36. In the written style (and the same rule
applies to set speech, as in a sermon or oration), nouns
ending in .—’— and denoting animate beings change
the . to f (h to 9) before adding the plural termination
«in; as, bachagan, bandagan (from .42, bdndeh ‘a slave,
servant’). The reason of this is that such words once
ended in I: in the singular (bdndak), which was softened
to 9 before the vowel a of the plural termination. It
is not therefore correct to write (BL/(fag, for the word
should be OLA/Cut. though when -hd is the plural term-
ination both he should be written (6. g. Lust).

§ 37. Adjectives form the Comparative by ad-
ding-tam, and the Superlative by adding-tar?” to the
Positive: as, khgmb, khgnibtar, khpubtarin, ‘good, better,.
best’: buzdrg, buzurgtar, buzurgtarin, ‘big, bigger, biggest’.
The Superlative is hardly used in ordinary conversa-
tion, the Comparative with we: hameh (my). ‘from all’,
‘than all’, being employed instead. The Comparative
has a plural — formed according to the general rule,
— but the Superlative has none. If two or more
superlatives qualify one and the same noun, the in
of all the superlatives except the last is elegantly
omitted: as, Shahr z’ Kirma‘n dar ayyzim i sa'biq ya’lci' az
mu ‘tabdrtar va par-jam 'iyyattafi’n sharha’ yz' 7min W, ‘The
city of Kirman in former days was one of the most
important and most populous cities of Persia’.

§ 38. As a general rule all Cardinal numbers and
all Demonstrative and Interrogative Adjectives (in-
cluding all those given in the list of words prefixed
to Exercise II.) must precede the nouns they qualify,

1 So also other parts of the body, as: — maiagdn (pl. of
mz'iieh), ‘e elashes’ (though now muigdn is used as the singular
and its p ural is muiganhd): augusth (fingers), mkhan (cheeks),
labban (lips), gimvan (curls), Mfan (curls), etc. But these are
0 solete.

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