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Nouns and, adjectives. 23

' Exercise 3.

In qism kh'a'ineh khvub ast. Kn mard javfin nist.
Bachehhfi save—1r i qa‘tirhii-y-i naukarlia-y-and. Kn
dukhtar dar shahr nist, dar déh ast. .In chih chiz
.as't? Pidari an bachcheh -y-i nikfi kfija’st? Dar mai—
dan i shahr ast. Zamin hast va daryé‘. hast. Sag-hi
-y-i- shahr dar kfichehhi'i -y-and, amma dar bagh
nistand. ,‘Asbhé‘i -y-i khvi'lb dar rah bi‘idand. Dfikhtar
i kfichik inja’st? Khair, inja nist, dar shahr ast. Gfis—
fandha va gavhfi dar an zam'i'n bisyér hastand. Dar
khanehha -y-i shahr khéili g1'1rbeh va sag bfid. Kuja
id? Dar bé'igh i khfineh im. Chih nau‘ bfigh ast? Bagh
i khvub ast, amma kfichik ast.

Translation 4.

In this land are (is) many horses, cows, sheep,
mules and asses (horse and, etc.). That dog came out
of this house. The cities of that land were many. The
brother came along with the sister. Give a book to
the brother of the maidservant. The children’s man-
s’ervant came from the city. What sort of a horse is
that? This kind of garden is very good. , The sea is
larger than the land. The boy is smaller than the
girl. The village is large, the town is larger, but the
city is largest of all (from all). All the men and
women of that large village came to the square of the
city. Where are those houses? They are in such and
such a village.

Question. Answer.
Dfiyeh-y-i bachehhz‘i kuja bi'id? Dar ki'icheh bfid va bi=maid§m
_r_ Emad.
An chih chiz ast? Sag'ast, amma khaili buzfirg
L nist.
(Ayfi) dfilrhtar i ful'z'in zan bi- Bali, bi-shahr E'imad, amma 115,15
shéhr Emad? dar déh ast.

'for 34.313). Persian words must not be divided in printing or
writing in Persian character in such a way as to put one part
of the word on one line and the rest of it on another, unless
in the case of compounds: but even then it is better for the
whole word to be on the one line.

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