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Lesson 11.


Duzdidan, to steal.

chanidan (sham), to hear.
khvabtdan, to lie down, to sleep.
gziftan (gay), to speak, say.
namiidan (namdy), to shew, do.
Maisth (gaiqar), to pass by.
guqlfrdan (guqdr), to permit.
guquhtan (gugdr) to leave.
didan (bin), to see.

bar ddahtan (bar ddr), to carry.

shddan (shav), to become.
bifkhtam (baa), to lose (a game).
biiyad, ought.
farami‘csh kardam, to forget.
arzidan, to be worth (bi-).

asandfdan, to approve of.
dantsta'n (dam), to know.
afrzishtan (afrziz), to raise aloft.
barkhdstan (barkhiz). to rise.
paganith (pagir) to accept.

g: i } on the part of.
biddr, awake.
mthtar, groom.
i‘timdd, reliance.
nigi‘ihbdnimatching, act of guard-

a. , ermissmn.
did , fidzat, leave.
pas, a watch in the night.

pmbzini, act of keepin watch.
pdlu'n kdrdan, to stretc out.
ldzz'm, necessary.

zfid, quick; early.

nick, prick, sting.

aftdb, sunshine. [of dawn.

nick i dftifb, (at) the first ray

bam, the roof.

qagr, a palace.

di'vli'r, wall.

murgh, a fowl.

ishdreh, a sign.

k0: giiya, as if.

bait; kardan, to pla , to gamble.

sadd zadan, to calf

(Lugdr, presence.

sharg, condition, wager, stake.

Ichpushniid, pleased.

ashpazkhdneh, kitchen.

ddhineh, bridle, bit.

has, person, fellow.

gdrar, inj , loss.

sin, saddlld.ry

amid, hope.

a fair, halter, headrope, headstall.

a‘ld’ bagrat (‘most lofty presence’
=), your Majesty.

makkdr, deceiver, deceitful.

hazar chandan, 1000 times as

dkhér, last; end.

wjad, existence, person.

925m“ 1 price, value.

qzmat I

khagir, the heart.

khagz'rjam‘ darid (‘keep the heart
together’ =), be of good cheer.

pishkcish, present (from an in-

, fmor).

aqdas, most sacred.

humayiini 1
shahamhdh: F°ya ,. 1
shahrydri Impena ' [bling.

qumdr bdz’i, dice-playing, gam-

Exerclse 21.

J9 6&355 [0:139 .9435) 6.26;! 6J‘J”

— \JUQ-M‘ e-LoT .743): (yj'—A;§L:o

L964? 34:0» gbajmad—Jfi); Rtfisd:

63’, f“: — 4:95-51 ‘JW‘ {re-jg!) (J‘A; Skid 3.1. If
a», {wqu guy 47%. L? 5-4 am.— as?

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