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Lesson 12.

has faré mf-gi'rad, fara‘ khpa'had girifl, fara‘ bi—gi'r, fariz‘

md-gir, etc.

Such verbs as pagirufttm ‘to accept’; ava’rdan, ‘to bring’,
(imadan, ‘to come’, etc. are really compounded with separable
or inseparable prepositions; but as this has been forgotten by
the Persians, these verbs are treated as uncompounded.


} (yard), to become.
namhtan (mots), to write.
shitdftan (shitdb), to hasten.
pashtdan, to conceal.
rasanidan, to cause to arrive.
sitiidan (eddy), to praise.
pandzishtan (pandd'r), to consider,
bar ddshtan (dar), to take up,
carry off.
firistddan (firtst), to send.
tavanistan (twin), to be able.
nishdn dddan (dih), to shew.
blivar kdrdan, to credit.
mdntagir, expectant.
l'mulaqzit, interview.
maiddat, period of time.
maqru‘n, near.
kisdlat, ill health.
fat/rsat, leisure, opportunity.
a’qsar ~13 auth, oftentimes.
barhd, times, often.
sharaf-ydb, honoured.
gaif, weakness.
._ yavdsh, slowly.
with rdftan, to walk.
bi-imlfn, without faith, infidel.
dand, wise.
mattaqi, pious.
ma’s’aleh, question, problem.
su’dl, a question.
m’alzit Ar. pl.), questions.
‘ulamd Ar. pl. of ‘zflim) learned
men, religious authorities,
doctors of the law.
Isldm, Muhammadanism.
Ta‘dld ’ (‘may He be exalted’, =)
Most High (of God).
ndgz’r, viewing, beholding.
khifliq, Creator.
khaz'r, good.
sharr, bad, evil, wickedness.

gundh, sin.

maimme i, engaged in.

qudrat, power.

zlgn, permission.

mashghiil-z'fln‘), busy with.

Shm'gdn, Satan.

attach, fire.

Jaluinnam, hell.

‘uqiibat, torture, punishment.

ta‘h‘m, doctrine, teaching.

‘uqald (Ar. P1. of dqil), sages.

sirisht, composition, nature.

maimlcin, possible.

cigar, impression, efi'ect.

qaul, saying, speech.

khamdsh, silent.

kham, bent.

kuliikh, a clod.

girz'ydn, wee ing, tearful.

ahdmm (Ar. uperlat.), most im-

‘djz'z, helpless, unable.

umdr (Ar. p1. of amr), matters.

baqtr, humble, contemptible.

chi/min, such, so.

ham'iz, still, as yet.

zi/ydd, very much.

dard, pain.

tabdssum, smile.

ghaz'ri mdr’i, invisible.

bugiir, presence.

sarka‘r, lordship: Sir. [of.

mustdujz'b z', liable to, deserving

ma’khfi, concealed, hidden.

Wk, clay, soil, earth.

chindnkih, just as.

durughgii, liar.

sdkhan, a word.

Mkmat, wisdom.

mfdnwd, pleasure, amusement,
(a walk).

sddr i d‘gam, Premier.

vazf-r, a minister of state.

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