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[Mdrdum azar], Mai-Melt, to

azmiidan, (windy, to test, try. R.

- [ifidam 2:5], to stitch (=
Gifdan: (1. V.).
MW, to re-


[ashziftam ashiib], ashdfteh, to

dghishta‘n aghzir], aghtshteh,

aghari‘dan l to steep, (in blood).

aghtshtan aghfsh], to em-

' aghishfdan i brace; to cut.

afafi‘dan, afarz‘n, to create.

aga’ndan, dgan, to stuff.

[alddam aldy], dllideh, to defile.

[amddan, amdy], dmrideh, to

amadan, ay, to come.

mniikhtan, limits, to learn, (to
teach, old).

dmfkhtan, (inch, to mix.

a frdkhtan, to exalt afrdz,

afrdshtan, to hoist toraise.

afziidan, afzdy, to increase

R. afshandanmfshdn, to sprinkle.

afshzirdan, a fshdr, to squeeze.

uftddan, uft, to fall.

andiidan, anddy], to smear.

anbdshtan, anbdr], anbdshteh,
to heap up.

andzikhtan, andaz, to throw.

andtflthtan, audit, to store,
lay up.

ingdshtan, ingdr, to deem.

[lighdshtam aghdsmm, to accu-

aghiishtan z nghdsh] to em-

agh-iishtdan brace.

afriilchtan, afn'l‘z, to kindle.

angfkhtan, angtz, to stir up.

ava’rdan, évar,

vulg. and old, amirdan i (into

m'i‘khtan, (wit, to hang (tr.
and int-n).

Ista'dan, fist

obs. istiidan, {at l to Stand “P-

Lesson 13.

Bdkhtan bdz, to play, to
detdan lose (a game).
biftan, bdf, to weave.
baytstan, bziy, ought, to be,
proper (impersonal).
bzzrdan, bar, to carr off.
bdatan, band, to bin .
biidan, buv, bash, to be.
bikhta'n, bit, to sift.
Palddan, paddy], to strain.
pzikhtan, paz, to cook.
pagirziftan, pagfr, to accept,
paimzirdan [paimi’r] ,paimzirdeh,
to wither (151cm).
parddkhtan, parddz, to busy
oneself with (bi).
[parhfldztan], parhfz, to ab-
stain from (az).
panddshtan, pandiir, to sup-

khtan, pit], to take captive.
pirristan, pirdy], pird’steh, to
painuidan, paimdy, to measure.
paiva’stan, paiva’nd, to unite
(tr. and mm).
[Takhtan] tdz, takhtch, to
tazfdan twist, to gallop.
tdftan, to twist, turn tab, to
tabz‘dan, to shine l shine,
tiikhtan, fizz], to collect.
tamidan, tandv], to twist,spin.
tavanistan, tatdn, to be able.
Jaidan, jaw, to chew (vulg.
for khafdan).
ja’stan, jab, to leap.
jdstan, jay, to seek.
Chfdan, chin, to pluck.
KHdstan, Ich‘a'z, to rise.

i pay], to be firm.

khusbi‘dan ; khusb to lie
khdftan :down, to
. khpabfdan, khpab be asleep.

Dddan, dih, to give.
ddshtan, dar, to have, possess.
ddntstan,dan, toknow (savoir).

Note. Some of these verbs have not been placed in alpha-

betical order.

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