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Regular Arabic Nouns and Adjectives.


(a title); £21731 (Rama: Mun), ‘Pillar of the kingdom’, (a.
title): and on the other hand (min jdm'bi ’lldh) ‘from
the (side =) presence of God’. If’ the former of the two words
is a masculine or feminine dual or a Regular masculine plural

in ‘31-,— (Jn), the n is dropped when it is “in construction”
with a word following: as Jg‘lfl‘fi (Ban! Isra’tl), ‘the Children

of Israel’.


Abii Bah (the first Caliphg.

Icht'ldfat (vulg. khaldfat), ali-

farmiideh, a command.

Wfii’saaldm, Peace upon him.

mabkdm kdrdan, to command.

duh adlag‘i, age of ten years.

rant, straight.

Writ, smallness, youth.

bunirgi, bigness (manhood).

bait, verse, oe .

pick, bend t on Imperative).

mi-shavad =u ndmt-shavad (§ 107).

abnd (Ar. pl. of ibn), sons § 167).

mag/(in (§ 46), we.

vubdah (Ar. pl. of oabsh), wild

his, weakness: aim, a weakness,
an infirmity.

ngi to, (ear-struck of thee
=) heard by thee.

mm: mtkh kdrdan, the grunting.

kuhpandlim, (mountain-bodied =)
as big as a mountain.

sdg-t' tdsi (Arabian dog =) grey-

sd‘at i chahdr, four o’clock.

(bar) Mm, (on the eye =) most
obedient] .

chamadar {animal owner =)
caravan leader.

bdralcat lairdm, to set out, start.

nashtli, earl breakfast.

mail farm A, to desire, wish.

muya’saar, obtainable, to be got.

tukhm i murgh, hen’s egg.

bin/(in Ica’rdan, tc fry.

a!)de Ica'rdan, to boil.

kiblib kdrdan, to roast.

ugdq, a room.

shar, brackish.

labdf, padded quilt.

disha’kk (pron. ddshdlck),mattress.

pdshti (bdlish) vulg., pilow,

rakht i khpd'b, bedclothgs, bed-

aivdn, porch.

khpurjfn, travelling-be. .

shdb bi-khafr, ood nig t.

Khudd Mfig (z shumd), (God be
your Protector —) goodbge

Exercise 33.

«’52-'94: ,
34° by) ,3“;- akpbb gal-5;.» gay)?»
~. Us? 3b a» on}; (6;; U ’W. pm?
'25:? ,3>\;>\ ale: «3;, wt; safe..-
‘JJ *zé‘w. £75: *5? *0 5—31» we, ob} ex:
“337m 4‘5“; \JJ. fax-K
$J}Ja.— 41a»ch —— coir: cm) 9.51% 33:.

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