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Arabic Broken Plurals in Persian. 137

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Eighteenth Lesson.

Arabic Broken Plurals in Persian.

§ 157. Very few Arabic masculine nouns form'
their plurals regularly in accordance with § 150. Most
masculines and many feminines have what is known
-as a Broken Plural, so styled because the mom is
broken (as it were) to allow of the insertion or omisuion
of a vowel or of more than one. The new word thus
formed is in reality a noun of multitude of the sin-
gular number and feminine gender, but it takes the
place of the obsolete or rarely used regular plural, and
is hence styled the plural of the noun or adjective
from which it is derived. In practice, the simmest
way to learn these Broken Plurals is to learn the
nouns given as examples in the following lists, and

‘ The most important classes of nouns that form their
plurals regularl are Partici les of the various Voices of the
Verb (Lesson X), except t e Present Participle of Voice I...
when used as a noun (it is generally an adjective and is then
used with a re ular lural.) The Infinitives of all the Voices
except that of 8Voice . (which has a broken Plural) take the
Plural in Ql— (at).

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