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Arabic Broken Plurals in Persian. 139

Singular. Plural.
(3) (balm), sea, ocean. AA, (biladr).
(So also with the termination 01— or bi)
$.22. (khi'glat, khdslaf), JLag- (khiga‘l).
(4) 033i (are), the earth, a “ (ardgz‘).
(So with the termination o4).
a] (laileh), night. JLg' (lag/5275').
(5) L,1; (nabf), prophet. .1131 (anbz'yc‘i).
(6) 6:3 (.Sdbi'), lad- (8'7)!!an

§. 161. Model III. Nouns of four~consOnants, of
which the second is alz'f.

Singular. Plural.

(1) ngc (5732317), agent, fac- {If (dmaleh),‘ JD! [§ 170]
totum. mmiil). CW/

(2) 09K (kzihi/n), priest, ma- kdhaneh). .-

(3) fl. (shay/if), a. poet, .l J15 (shu‘ara‘).
Less usual are the following measures:
(4) fiLo (sc'ilzib), owner (AI. 969i (ashdb, companions

companion.) of Muhammad, etc.)
(5) cal; (qu25) ecclesiastical 3L3} (quga‘t).

(6) $.91) (ra‘hfli), monk. Jig; (ruhbc'z‘ny.

(7) 3L (sa‘leil), shore, coast. J34 ,1 (savdhil).
(So also the latter form with 0-4 or .31. added: —
4.253! (135th), acfi.,f.,ne- (’5‘; (lava'zim), n. f. neces-

cessary. saries.
(8) 4151, (va’qi'eh), an occur- Hli,’ (vaqa‘yi‘).
rence. "

‘ In Persian used in the sense of a singular.

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