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142 Lesson 18.

gut, food. . bar (jeweller’s word), alloy.

36W: Servme 0f GOd- abddr (of a jewel), of the first

Izod, God (old Persian). Water-

sdc'r all the rest (of). gdrar kcirdan, to suffer loss, to

Humid, Indians (p1. of Hindi). lose.

'ala’lkhugiis, especially. sigdr, ci at.

bar ch03 zddtar, as quickly as gab, a t in for holding, case.
possible. qzifi, a smal box.

ta'a'mf, a present (to an equal). kiln-ft matches (sulphur).

[Notez Articles of gold and silver are sold by weight, one
(arm: a mil;qu for silver, plus about at least half as much again
for the carving, etc.]

Exercise 35.
9”” 9‘4? Jr") 955‘ dbl; Of
6‘1.) 4:5"ch fygjl 6;? g), b $19 3‘ ‘1") a)“
943.3 «3W fat? — ¢°>L~ J}; (Hf J‘J‘é’d‘
nu, b «as» 9,»; 4: a5» 935 am: at.» as; ti»
o ' . . - r 4 .r
isms," 312‘ L? .**r'{:— 9‘49 0‘3 Lb
73-”),32éfv‘1-3 $mjfffljlbf{fj.d 3y)
0.3,: 9|?) wk} 75gb?) u‘j— but» —
Translation 36. — A Tale.

Some of (we) the historians of ancient Greece have
related (bika‘yat kdrdan) wonderful fables concerning
the habits and customs of the people of India, one of
which is the following (this, that): — In that country
there is a sandy desert, where on account of the
dryness and aridity (bi-55b?) there is no population
(W). In that terrible wilderness there are found
enormous ants, which are smaller than dogs but larger
than foxes, and these ants dwell under the ground in
such a way that, having dug away the soil they cast
(pour) out the sand (sands) in the same manner that
ordinary ants in other (361% 2') countries do (thus), and

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