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Voices of the Regular Arabic Triliteral Verb.

[Infin. I.


: Pret. I. UL; [Infin. I. J13]) words in accor-

dance witrthe Paradigm, and to trace out their meanin .
When it is desirable to find the root of a word, t is is
done by striking out the formative letters: e. g. the root of

£332.; (istiqbdl) is 4;, and istiqbdl is Infin. x. of that root.

Habfb, a man’s name.
flqfilb’, a tyrannous governor of
Arabia under Caliph'Abdu’l
Ba'gri, native of Basreh.
K hodjeh Hdsan, a man’s name.
.‘shiin, = he, she (said out of
alaflci’flabmah, on him be mercy.
rabmatu’lldh ‘alath, God’s mercy
,on him.
'Ajami, non-Arabian; Persian.
sduma'eh, hermit’s cell.
zamziz, Muhammadan stated
prayers (offered 5 times daily).
Iaur i lira giriftan, to surround
'handa‘n kt'h . . . ka’mtar, the more
.. . . the less.
"dfinu’l ayydm, ancient times.
.a'ngan, London.
1m 9, a pm.
ashaa’lldh, please God.
arfelijd, saving, careful, econom-
ica .
’Iachcheh-gfirbeh, a kitten.
>qu biydvarid td, come in.

b’ismi’lldh, (in God’s name), ——
said in inviting one to enter,
to sit down, to eat, etc.

rub' bi-chahdr mdndah, a quarter
to 4 o’clock.

gardanmdan, taking (a horse)
out for exercise.

davdndan, making (a horse)

g m rdftan, to walk (of a

ydrgheh rdftan, to amble.

yiirgmeh rdftan, to cantor.

hikkeh ra’ftan, to trot.

damdgh dédztan, to be somewhat

sarlcdsh, obstinate, stubborn ,

Han, see! 10!

kaba'id (nfleh), grey.

bar, brown.

WT, bay.

tiifi, Arabian (not in use).

apfl (nqjib), wellbred, blood-.
Iain-an, chestnut-coloured.

ydba, pack-horse.

tatimmeh darad = to be concluded.

Exercise 39.

«:1. 3.1;}, 6;.;;.?\,; {aarng alga,
.1; 3L9: Lag.“ new; 1...” 3L...) _’ AC},
JLfJ°{*£?QLE\;WE;5flQ:-; {by}:
5A3 «My 95-h ~— ojldiafls' 3 wl

. wwilji—fitflw

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