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162 Lesson 21.

sovereign (sultiini) reigned (reigns) over that island:
and when that sovereign heard that some foreigners
(foreign persons) had arrived in (have become arriving
of, va'rid i) his country, he commanded that they should
be invited (so that they invited them) to lunch (that
they, may eat lunch) with him. But when they sat
down at the royal table, they saw that, although there
is plenty of (plentiful) food, yet it is impossible (not
possible) to eat as much as even one morsel in comfort,
because the king’s palace is full of (from) mice and
rats (mice small and large), which are so daring that
(having dared to this limit) they snatch the morsels
from the guests’ hands. The sovereign, having become
ashamed, said, “Whoever discovers (may discover) a
remedy for (of) this calamity, I shall give him a large
sum”. Then one of the sailors said, “Your Majesty, I
have a beast of prey, which, if you permit (if there
be permission), will very speedily (with complete haste)
completely destroy all these mice”. When the king
commanded, they brought that cat, and the cat busied
herself in the chase in such a manner that after half an
hour no mouse dared to (haddaring of that, that it should)
shew its snout. The king, having become extremely
pleased (joyful), purchased that cat for a sack full of
gold (add), and in that manner that orphan became rich.


(Ur) V1,:-
cs-u: 2"». “ts/uan/fi «3‘
“5-93 L3"); fiolfid oafdf
{L1 L“ — 4:"). Jy-
fil #9).) l) dual}
obi—iv- “514:,de
dub-5 a 5 ~25:- 3 ET
J J‘JJ 3-25 9L.) 03L 42...:
'5'- :9th UT 41-9): «9T
kit‘fi, owl 0-13 J14; .kL‘:

fa: ab.- : 640 9b,)"


9ft? 4;? 415,571 (en-l q?
5;“ J OJ”);- ‘5‘)“
Hues)» t2} ("-9 5f
L,uli £293. eL-‘t? J .3}.

-U-9).>l) J)
Jill): ( \JL. Bl
. , 5‘“
stingy ,‘éi’l: 4.1,... .31 ,4

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