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Certain Persian Idioms. 197

strike one’s tent’); 77rd tang/Finch (chfib) za’dan, ‘to basti-
nado (flog) him’; sili (old tapdncheh) bar n‘iyash zdda-n,
‘to give him a box on the ear’; gapdncheh zddan, ‘to
fire a pistol’; talagrc‘i'f zddan, ‘to send off a telegram’;
tzihmat za’dan, ‘to accuse falsely’; jdm‘zddan, ‘to add up
(figures)’; dam za’dan, ‘to breathe’, ‘to cavil’: Zmds za'dan,
‘to conjecture’.

§ 226. Ddshtan, de'r (JD-02b), ‘to have’, ‘to hold’:
fin-rd lézim dc‘ishtan, ‘to require, have need of, that’;
in dmr-rd mdrfi’g dc‘ishtan (= (ire kardcm), ‘to represent
this matter humbly’; tashrif ddshtan, ‘to be at home’,
‘to be present’ (polite style).

§ 227. Anda'khtan, andc‘iz (jla’l-élxl), ‘to cast’,
‘throw’: rc‘ih andfikhtan, ‘to let (one) go’, ‘to set (him)
on his way’; ta‘vi'q (ta’khi'r) andc‘i/chtan, ‘to postpone
(a thing)’; not-gar andfikhtan (afdean) bi, bar, ‘to cast a
glance upon’.

§ 228. Other common expressions are the following:
Being r-fkhtan, ‘to feign’, ‘pretend’.

taghg'i'r dc‘idan
tabdil ka’rdan
mubdddal sz‘ikhtan

dvag namz‘idcm (ka’rdan), to change, exchange.

27rd dalfilat l‘ardan, to guide him.

an szikhan-ra dalc‘ilat kardan to prove that state-

muddllal namz‘idan ment.

ta’fir (cigar) ka’rdan (ddshtan) bar, to make (leave)
an 1mpress10n on.

drg kdrdan, to state (politely), to say, to represent.

auqc‘itash tdlkh shud, he was angry, he was put out.

bc‘Zz {sic—idem a2, to desist from.

qat‘ z' ndgar chrdan 02 (bar), to glance briefly at,
pass on from.

da’st shdstcm az, to wash one’s hands of (a thing).

(l’ibi (bziki) mi-damd, it does not matter; it is
pretty good.

(66-) ddr rdftan, to run away, escape.

bar (in and kih, they will have it that, they
assert that.

to change, alter (trans).


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