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Parsing. 201

over to the executioner that he might cause her to-
be-dragged to the plank [for laying dead bodies upon
to be washed] and the grave (khdk) and award (rasfi-
wad) to her the recompense (Icai'far) of the deed, as
was her due (sazfi).

Twenty-eighth Lesson.

§ 229. The best method of Parsing may be a
matter of opinion to some extent; but in Persian all
that is really necessary is to give such particulars as
are given in the subjoined parsing of the first few
sentences of Story XV., which story is appended to
this lesson. As the question of gender does not affect
grammatical relations in Persian (except indeed some-
times with Arabic nouns and adjectives, § 154), it is
unnecessary to mention gender at all, except perhaps
with such Arabic words. The singulars of any Arabic
broken plurals that may occur should be mentioned,
and the parts of all Irregular Verbs (Infinitive and

§ 230. (Story X V., first few sentences parsed).

shdlrhs; noun, nominat. sino‘. (Ar. Pl.
Shel/libs? ashkht‘is) subj. of bfid.
i; affix, denoting indefinite article.
bz‘id: 3rd Sing. Pret. Indic. Act. of Intrans. Verb
bz—idan, brisk (bziv), agr. with its subj. shakhs.
hilehsfiz; compd' Adj. ([cfleh, trick, and 3&2, rt. of
s-FZ/chtan, sciz, to make), positive degree; part predicate
of sentence, qualifying shakhs.
2'; iga'feh, joining two adjectives.
dagha‘bc‘iz; compd- Adj. (daghc‘i, deceit, and Vbaz of
bdkhtan), posit. degree; part predicate of sentence,
qual. shale/is.
r172: noun, obj. sing. (governed by dar
Rfizi understood).
5: affix, denoting indefinite article.
az; preposition.
Ichc‘z'neh; noun, obj. sing., governed by prep. az.
bin-Zn; adv., qualifying ("i-mad.

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