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MY MOTIVE in writing these papers was mainly that
which prompted the publication of my Royal Institu-
tion lectures ; a desire, namely, to extend sympathy for
science beyond the limits of the scientific public.

The fulfilment of this desire has caused a tempo-
rary and sometimes reluctant deflection of thought
from the line of original research. But considering
the result aimed at, and in part I trust achieved, I do
not regret the price paid fOr it.

I have carefully looked over all the articles here
printed, added a little, omitted a little—in fact, tried
as far as my time permitted to render the work pre-
sentable. Most of the essays are of a purely scien-
tific character, andfrom those which are not, I have
endeavored, without veiling my convictions, to exclude
every word that could cause needless irritation.

From America the impulse came which induced me
to gather these “Fragments ” together, and to my
friends in the United States I dedicate them.


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