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Other duties, however, interfered with the carrying out of
this intention, and what I wrote last summer I now pub-
lish, not hOping within any reasonable time to be able to
render my defence of scientific method more complete.

Mr. Mozley refers at the outset of his task to the move-
ment against miracles which of late years has taken place,
and which determined his choice of a subject. He acquits
modern science of having had any great share in the pro-
duction of this movement. The objection against miracles,
he says, does not arise from any minute knowledge of the
laws of Nature, but simply because they are opposed to
that plain and obvious order of Nature which everybody
sees. The present movement is, he thinks, to be ascribed to
the greater earnestness and penetration of. the present age.
Formerly miracles were accepted without question, because
without reflection; but the exercise of what Mr. Mozley
calls the historic imagination is a characteristic of our own
time. Men are now accustomed to place before themselves
vivid images of historic facts, and when a miracle rises to
view, they halt before the astounding occurrence, and real-
izing it with. the same clearness as if it were now passing
before their eyes, they ask themselves, “ Can this have
taken place ? ” In some instances the effort to answer this
question has led to a disbelief in miracles, in others to a
strengthening of belief. The end and aim of Mr. Mozley’s
lectures is to show that the strengthening of belief is the
logical result which ought to follow from the examination
of the facts.

Attempts have been made by religious men to bring
the Scripture miracles within the scope of the order of
Nature, but all such attempts are rejected by Mr. Mozley
as utterly futile and Wide of the mark. Regarding mira-
cles as a necessary accompaniment of a revelation, their
evidential value in his eyes depends entirely upon their
deviation from the order of Nature. Thus deviating, they

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