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the starry heavens, and said, “ It is all very well, gentle-
men; but who made all these ? ” That question still re-
mains unanswered, and science makes no attempt to answer
it. As far as I can see, therewisnonqualityfiin thehuman
intellect which is fit to be applied to the ‘eoliitien 0mg
problem. It entirely transcends us. The mind of man may
be compared to a musical instrument with a certain range
of notes, beyond which in both directions we have an
infinitude of silence. The phenomena of matter and force
lie within our intellectual range, and as far as they reach
we will at all hazards push our inquiries. But behind, and
above, and around all, the real mystery of this universe lies
unsolved, and, as far as we are concerned, is incapable of
solution. Fashion this mystery as you will, with that I
have nothing to do. But be careful that your conception
of it be not an unworthy one. Invest that conception with
your highest and holiest thought, but be careful of pre-
tending to know more about it than is given to man to
know. Be careful, above all things, of professing to see in
the phenomena of the material world the evidences of Di-
vine pleasure or displeasure. Doubt those who would
deduce from the fall' of the tower of Siloam the anger of the
Lord against those who were crushed. Doubt those equally
who pretend to see in cholera, cattle-plague, and bad har-
vests, evidences of Divine anger. Doubt those spiritual
guides who in Scotland have lately propounded the mon-
strous theory that the depreciation of railway scrip is a con-
sequence of railway travelling on a Sunday. Let them not,
as far as you are concerned, label and libel the system of
Nature with their ignorant hypotheses. Well might the
mightiest of living Scotchmen, that hero of the intellect
who might have been a hero in the field, that strong and
earnest soul who has made every soul of like nature in
these islands his debtor—looking from the solitudes of
thought into this highest of questions, well, I say, might

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